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Vegan Lasagna with Cashew Cheese version2:0

A dairy-free 100% vegan, gluten-free paleo recipe that tastes absolutely phenomenal and takes half the time of regular lasagna! Howdy beauties! Colder weather (and in Southampton's case SNOW!) causes us to want heartier and more comforting foods. Southampton...

How to Keep Healthy When Staying With Friends

Going away for the weekend? Here's how you can avoid sabotaging your healthy efforts with these easy to implement strategies (that won't isolate you from your friends!) Going to stay with friends is one of life’s joys. Unfortunately, many whom are looking to make...

Fat Loss & Responsibility: the bits that are down to YOU

If you believe a personal trainer is what you need to get fat-loss results, read this first - and then decide! Hi beauties, I hope you're all keeping well and happy - and thank you all so much for all your wishes of wellness for my lovely husband's recovery! He's...


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