Sports Massage Therapy

From My Private Southampton Studio

Sports Massage Therapy Southampton

Sports Massage is a great means of supplementing your personal training, well-being and everyday stress levels!

Regular deep-tissue sports massage can be used for:

– assisting with preventing injury

– maintaining healthy soft-tissues

– improving your functional movement and restoring postural balance

– assisting the removal of toxins from your system by encouraging the drainage of lymphatic fluid

– promoting relaxation and well-being

Tool-assisted Massage Southampton

Tool-assisted massage involves using specifically-designed stainless steel tools on the skin to influence fascia: a superficial network of connective tissue that spreads through the body.

Instrument-assisted Massage Southampton

This can help with easing joint-stiffness, assisting with the repair of tendons and ligaments and restoring movement.

To discuss how sports massage could help you whether you have a Personal Trainer or not, please feel free to contact me.


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