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Personal Training  and Boot Camp Testimonials

Verity Connor, Southampton
January 17th at 10:17am     Verity's results: Personal Trainer Gen Preece Southampton
Thank you so much Gen for every sound piece of advice you have given me over the past 6 weeks of
training with you. When I first came to you I was feeling lethargic in the day, had adopted some bad
eating habits and just not motivated to exercise. I wanted to change to set a good example to my children and become a healthier person myself. After 6 weeks of you tweaking my diet and your fantastic ‘home programme’ exercises I am in a totally better head space and don’t actually see myself trying to diet, but in fact have made a lifestyle change that makes me happy and positive and much more motivated. Your training sessions are fun, informative and rewarding….I am still smiling having lost 8 inches of body fat in 6 weeks! Thank you so much, Verity xx

 Katie Martin, Presenter BBC Radio Solent, Southampton
March 28th at 2:48pm    
I can’t praise Gen enough for her efforts in getting me fit and toned, she’s been an absolute star and made every session loads of fun and really worthwhile. You might think personal training is expensive, but it’s huge value for money and what I got from just a few one to ones with Gen far exceeds what I could achieve at a gym on my own. Katie Martin BBC Radio Solent training with PT GenThe approach Gen takes is completely bespoke, and even the absolute killers like mountain climbers, jumping squats and that press up with the vipr (torture) exercise was achieveable with her encouragement and motivational comments. You really feel like you’ve got Gen’s total attention and that she’s thought about what you’ll enjoy in advance so your session is fresh, new and never ever boring. Everyone is motivated in different ways and by different things, and Gen is really good at reading signals and giving you “well dones!” and “come ons!” depending on how you’re doing. Gen’s also great at showing you how to do things properly so you don’t hurt yourself and is mindful of any injuries you might have when devising your session. I found myself doing full pressups in the tens and teens without even really realising I was doing it – you don’t get chance to psych yourself out or think “I can’t do that” when you’re working out with Gen. I have never laughed so much during exercise as I have at the PT sessions with Gen, she is great fun and takes the time to get to know you, and doesn’t let you forget your goal whilst you’re exercising. With six weeks to go until my wedding my goal was to tone up, to have more energy and strength, and to feel fitter. I’ve been able to achieve all that and more, and I will definitely carry on with the training after my honeymoon. This is a long review, but it doesn’t really even scratch the surface, I can’t believe how much I’ve changed in 5 weeks – thank you Gen, so much!
Jill Lawrence, Hedge End Southampton
Oct 30th,2013 at 3:12 pm    
“I came to see Gen to lose weight to avoid buying larger size clothes and to improve my fitness. Gen helped me to focus my goals – she worked at a pace that kept me motivated and took account of the way I needed to learn about how to do the exercises. Within 5 Jill lost THREE dress sizesmonths of attending twice a week, I saw a huge difference: I had dropped a dress size and lost over a stone in weight (4″ of my hips, 2″ of my waist!!) I would never have managed this on my own, knowing I would have probably given up and so having that constant encouragement and the push to achieve more, has helped me feel great about what I have achieved. It is a fun, friendly and professional environment – definitely felt in safe, knowledgeable hands. Absolutely brilliant!!”
Fiona Preston, Hedge End Southampton
Apr 27,2013 at 3:12 pm    
“I was in a car accident 7 years ago whilst pregnant and I have suffered from back pain ever since. After years of paying for treatment nothing really worked to reduce the pain. I was recommended to Faster Personal Training and met Gen who gave me an exercise plan. After 3 appointments with Gen and daily exercises I now very rarely get back pain and if I do I increase my exercises and the pain goes away. I cannot recommend Faster Personal Training Southampton highly enough, the team are really friendly and really want to help you.”
Trevor Jenkins, Bursledon Southampton
Apr 27,2013 at 3:13 pm    
I met with Gen earlier this year to get fit for skiing, after a few sessions of peculiar yet effective exercise routines I went skiing. I sent a text to Gen after 4 days of skiing to let her know how pleased I was with very limited muscle ache and best of all no lazy left leg. This continued for the rest of the trip with much improved skiing. Would highly recommend a visit to Faster Personal Training, thanks for what you have achieved with me.
Becky Paling, Hedge End Southampton
Sep 23,2013 at 3:15 pm    
Thanks to Faster Personal Training Southampton I dropped three dress sizes in 12 months!
This was how I looked in June 2012. I’d had a baby in January 2012 and was an unhealthy Becky dropped THREE dress sizes
dress size 16. I was going to the daytime buggy boot camp with my young daughter twice a week and although I felt fit and felt I was doing the right things to feel that way, I clearly wasn’t. I was using it as an excuse to have that extra piece of cake at the Mums coffee mornings most days a week!
Something had to be done…
I decided to start listening to Gen and Liz, my Boot Camp instructors. I started Faster’s evening Boot camp and began dropping the cake and reaching for the sugar snap peas. I swapped cups of tea and glasses of wine for lots of refreshing water.
The photo on the right is me in June 2013 at my Dad’s 60th Birthday party with a friend. A fit and healthy size 10 – at last!
Eating the right foods, reducing the amount of not so great foods and drinks and starting to eat clean lean foods and drink lots of water.
I am still on my journey and am learning all the time what is best to eat and not to eat and what is best to drink and not to drink.
This is a life long commitment and journey which I’m sharing with like-minded people and I truly feel the best I have felt for a long time!

Giuseppe Saiva, Hedge End Southampton

Apr 27,2013 at 3:15 pm    

 If you want to get get fit or lose weight whilst having fun then going along to Faster Personal Training Southampton Boot Camp is just for you. I signed up for my first 6 weeks and very quickly I felt fitter and the weight came off easily. It so much more fun than going to a gym for 60 minutes on the running machine. All the instructors are so friendly and supportive and it is never a struggle to attend each session. It doesn’t matter how unfit or overweight you are, you get a huge welcome from everyone. I have now started my third 6 week session and I am not sure if I will be able to stop! I can’t recommend Faster Personal Training Southampton highly enough!!

Nina James, Bursledon Southampton

Apr 27,2013 at 3:16 pm    
Only 5 weeks in and I’ve lost 10 and a half inches, and gained a huge amount of energy and self confidence. I would recommend Gen to anyone who thinks they are beyond hope as far as body shape and image are concerned. Thanks Gen – you are amazing and already a good friend (even if I am old enough to be your mother!)
 Heidi Cooper, Southampton
Apr 27,2013 at 3:17 pm     Heidi Cooper lost 3 stone
Faster Boot Camps and personal training with Gen helped me active a weight loss of 3 stone in the run up to my wedding. I cannot thank the team enough for their help, advice and encouragement to achieve my goals! Although now 3 stone lighter and married I still come to Boot Camp to help me maintain my fitness and weight, and also because Faster Personal Training have shown me exercise can be something fun and something you can enjoy!!!

Charlotte Page, Southampton

Apr 27,2013 at 3:19 pm    
It is not normal for me to want to do exercise – thanks to Faster Boot Camp I lost 16lbs in my first four weeks! You are not judged by how you look, or criticised if you don’t know what you are doing with certain exercises. I know it works as I’ve watched my friend dissolve from a size 18 to a size 10-12 from coming to Boot Camp and am now reaping the same rewards of working hard!


Zoe Morrall, West End Southampton
Apr 27,2013 at 3:21 pm    Zoe lost FOUR dress sizes
Can’t thank Gen and the team enough for the difference they have made since I’ve been going to Faster Boot Camp. I’ve lost a stone, gained a lot of confidence and feel so much better in myself – they made me feel incredibly welcome and it doesn’t matter how unfit you are in the beginning, it soon changes!
Sarah Gains, Southampton
May 05,2013 at 08:04 am    
Gen and the Faster Southampton team provide really fun and engaging workouts every time. Highly recommended if you want to lose weight and stay healthy at the same time!
Keith Diaper, Hedge End Southampton
Nov 24 2013 at 08:04 am    
I’ve been having personal training with Gen from Faster Personal Training Southampton Keith lost 26lbsfor about 9 months now.Gen has helped me by setting goals and guides me down the correct path for my chosen sport which is cycling, making sure I peak at the correct time. Faster Personal Training Trainers are all very professional and hard working people.I completed a nationwide charity cycle ride and in 18 weeks lost:
Left arm: 2″
Chest: 3.75″
Waist: 9″
Hips: 4.5″
Right Thigh: 2.25″
Left Thigh: 1.5″
Right Calf: 1″
Left Calf: 0.75″
Weight: 26lbs Body fat: 6.3%When you train with Faster Southampton you are not just another client you are a friend, and that’s what makes the difference. I highly recommend Faster Personal Training Southampton for all your fitness needs.