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The Weight-loss Mind Trick That STOPS Excuses

If any of the following sound familiar, here's how to train your brain to make yourself stronger than your excuses... I get at least two messages every day that start with "I really need to lose weight BUT..." I just don’t have the time I work full time I have no...

My Favourite Summer Salad

Four ingredients and ready in two minutes, here's why I LOVE this salad Howdy beauties! The taste of summer Southampton and the rest of the UK was recently blessed with meant I've been eating this bad boy almost every day 🙂 And as my personal training clients and...

The Steps You Can Take (before it’s too late)

Don't wait for a health scare to kick-start your taking care of yourself, there's plenty you can do to avoid being a statistic... I recently read a research study that found only one in every 210 obese men and one in 124 obese women ever return to a normal weight...

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