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Thank you Hampshire Living!

I’m honoured to be a Southampton Fitness Guru! I was approached once again by the lovely people at Hampshire Living Magazine, to write about how we can all have a healthy happy summer (without necessarily hiring a personal trainer - unless of course you want to!)...

New Recipe: Raw Chocolate Squares

For when you absolutely have to have chocolate , these healthy five minute wonders will be your new go-to fix Howdy beauts! Thought I’d share with you today another fast healthy recipe that’s saved the life of many personal trainer clients, those times they’ve...

The Detox Myth

If you think it's time for a Spring Detox, please read this first to find which one's the best for you! I’m not against detoxes. Just the word and what it represents. Some ‘detoxes’ can actually be quite positive, providing the person embarking on the detox has a...

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