Functional Exercise Therapy: compliment your Personal Training

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Is Functional Exercise Therapy different to Personal Training?

As a Personal Trainer, I believe everyone has the right to a healthy and happy quality of life. A big part of this is being able to move freely with confidence and without pain or injury standing in the way.      Functional Exercise Therapy for pain relief Southampton

Functional Exercise therapy is an approach based on the laws of physics and how the body moves. This approach is based on structure and sequencing, viewing the body as a series of chain reactions, that moves in three planes of motion. This is where the term ‘3D Training’ comes from and is something often overlooked in many traditional therapies.

What happens in a Functional Assessment?

The functional movement assessments will be based on what you are trying to achieve. You may be experiencing pain following an injury, accident or illness, or be looking to improve your performance at a sport or event.

Each assessment looks at your unique physiology and how your bones, muscles and joints are working. Your whole body is assessed rather than just parts or pieces of you, in order for this to be successful.

It is a different assessment to many traditional therapies as it is performed on your feet, rather than lying down on a massage couch.

Your personal trainer will then be able to identify any imbalances or compensations within your joints; treating the cause of the pain, rather than the symptoms.

You may be given rehabilitative exercises to do at home. These exercises are to firstly put motion back into joints where it previously wasn’t, in order to eliminate what may have been previously causing pain.

All the exercises will be tailored to you and your ability. They will allow you to healthily progress over time, while you improve the way in which you move whether or not you are having Personal Training with me.

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