Nutrition Advice

From My Private Southampton Studio

No matter how hard you exercise, how often you exercise with your Personal Trainer and what you do when you exercise, you CANNOT out-train a poor diet! Nutritional Advice from PTGen Southampton

Your body requires the correct nourishment and balance of nutrients in order for it to function correctly.

When this doesn’t happen, we can experience certain symptoms we may not have even associated with this. The most common include lethargy, bloating, tiredness, lack of energy, constantly feeling hungry and craving sugar.

Having an understanding of exactly what to eat, as well as how much and when can be a frustrating and confusing process; especially with the endless array of diets, weight-loss pills, shakes and meal-replacements available to us on the market today!

I work with each client to create an individually tailored nutritional plan, based on the results they are looking to achieve. This includes working together to implement new healthier eating habits, food preparation, advice on alternatives and how a healthy balance can be achieved. In other words, NONE of my clients are ever put on a diet!

Food can be either a great source of medicine or an extremely potent form of poison. To find out how you can use personalised nutrition to help reach your goals, please feel free to contact me today.


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