Make every day great with these five tools

Ever had one of those days?! We all have, but a very important lesson I’ve learned since becoming a personal trainer and health coach is not to write it off. It can always be turned around! Since incorporating the following five practices into my daily morning routine, I am very happy to say I rarely have a bad day!

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There are countless research studies all demonstrating the amazing benefits of meditation and mindfulness. From improving stress levels, productivity and even weight-loss from the lowering of cortisol (stress hormone) levels, meditation is something I am so happy to have discovered! Just five minutes in the morning enables my mind to quieten and my intention for the day ahead to be set. I cannot recommend it enough!

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Positive words
If the first thing you do in the morning is turn your phone on, to read news/other people’s status updates/Instagram photos of how amazing their lives are, then this is a pretty healthy alternative. A dear friend of mine got me a timeless calendar for my birthday, which contains a daily wisdom quote I read each morning. It brings me back to the present and reminds me what’s really important!

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This can be done either as part of meditation or separately. When you practice gratitude by thinking of (at least) three things you are grateful/thankful for, it’s impossible to feel nothing but peace. Either write them down or say them to yourself. You’ll find the more you practice this, the more things/people/situations/opportunities there are to be grateful for. Even something as simple as being able to read these words, it is unique and personal to you and a very effective tool in eliminating stress.

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Whether it’s a workout, Yoga session or short walk, getting your body moving in the morning will clear your head. The endorphin release that follows exercise is also a fantastic stress buster, keeping your mind clear and focused and enabling you to remain calm in potentially stressful situations that arise throughout your day.

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Healthy Fuel
Starting your day with healthy nutrient-rich fuel will mean you’re far more likely to continue this practice throughout it! My first beverage of the day is warm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice, followed by a green smoothie when I feel hungry. As my body has then received the fibre and energy needed for a busy day, I am therefore equipped to tackle way more than I ever thought possible as I am not wasting energy being stressed or putting my digestive system through unnecessary work!

REMEMBER just because a couple of things happen that make you believe you’re having a bad day, it does not have to stay that way. Black and white/all or nothing/good and bad ways of thinking do not serve us! 

We all have the choice to either let certain incidents, situations or people ruin our day or instead remain calm, focused and in the present moment, where life truly exists. Start practicing the above five and watch your bad days melt away!

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