If you are looking to make a healthier change in your life, think about who you spend the most time with.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a circle of trustworthy friends that leave you feeling great about yourself and you look forward to seeing; research shows you are far more likely to succeed.

Jim Rohn stated “we are the amalgamation of the five people we spend the most time with.” Who are yours? How do they make you feel?

The friendliest Boot Camp in Southampton - ours! PT Gen Levrant

The friendliest Boot Camp in Southampton – ours!

These people not only affect our moods, but our decisions and behaviours. I truly believe people can be categorized into two types: drains and radiators. Radiators radiate positivity, drawing you towards them. Drains drain you, making you want to run away! How we respond to either’s behaviour is down to us:

True friends will support your goals.

I have previously had ‘friends’ and worked with people that have wanted me to succeed – but only on THEIR terms, i.e. as long as I wasn’t more successful than them. Or to be slim (but not as slim as them.) Does this sound familiar?!

When you are trying to change something, this should not affect the equilibrium of your friendship. If it does, ask yourself what kind of friend they are.

It is important to remember insecure people take out their insecurities on the people around them; bringing them down in order to make themselves feel better, rather than taking a good look at themselves. True friends will support you unconditionally, not encourage you to stray off your paths or make you feel guilty.

Find like-minded people

Positive reinforcement, rather than competition is essential when working towards something. You will attract whatever you project. If you constantly rant on Facebook about how terrible life is, how will this make you look and who wants to read that?!

Instead, look at different Facebook groups for like-minded people to share tips and recipes. Blogs full of positive advice are also great to follow (you’re reading one right now!!)

Interact with others already there

This is how new friendships are formed! We are fortunate enough to have created a friendly non-competitive environment at our Boot camp class. A newcomer told me last week everyone chatted to her immediately and she felt very welcome, rather than the ‘new girl’.

True friends will stay true friends regardless of your size and fitness. They are friends with you for the PERSON you are!