Meet Katie, a fabulous lady I’ve had the pleasure of training! Here’s how she transformed her lifestyle and lost over 5 inches in 8 weeks…

Describe your previous lifestyle and how you felt…

I was in a slump and did not exercise, ate lots of junk food (pizzas, McDonald’s etc) and did not look after my body.

I was not confident in my own skin and looked at foods as bad and good. I would do exercise because I felt bad and felt I should be doing it to lose weight instead of doing it to enjoy it. 

Why did you decide to start changing your lifestyle?

Because I thought it was time to take control and sort my lifestyle out in my 30’s. Also myself and husband are wanting to start a family, so I wanted to be the best possible mindset and body to make this happen. I also wanted to tone up and feel more confident in my own skin. 

What changes did you make?

I worked on upping my exercises with Gen’s help. I started slow and built up to now do every other day doing something whether it’s 10 seconds on 10 seconds off or an aerobic workout.

I also changed my diet which definitely consisted of upping my veg intake and cutting out heavily processed food, drinking more water and chewing meals more.

Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp

What did making these changes feel like?

I felt less bloated instantly after chewing my food more. Also upping my water I felt like the fat around my middle definitely shrank.

I felt more full of energy and my mind space felt amazing. I noticed my skin got clearer and I just felt like I had a clearer head rather than feeling foggy all the time. 

Was it easy to incorporate these changes into your lifestyle?

I would definitely say it was “progress not perfection” quoting Gen! This phrase has stuck with me and if I fell off the wagon a little bit at lunch, I would make sure I was back on it at dinner.

Sometimes it had been difficult to stick off the takeaways, but I have been thinking of how eating them makes me feel afterwards and that really helps in making the right choice. 

What differences did you notice?

I have lost weight and toned up. I have also found that my mind space and confidence has definitely got better because of this. I felt less bloated because I wasn’t eating “heavy” foods. 

What is different about your life now? Daily regimen, typical meals, exercise routine…

My life is so different now, I feel full of energy and feel better that I am taking in more nutrients and better foods!

I am now trying new exercise and continuing to go for a run every other day. Sometimes when I feel achy I will also do some yoga which helps me stretch out.

I plan my meals now and organise out my meals for the week. This is also saving money on the weekly food bill which is ace!! 

How do you feel compared to how you used to?

Just full of energy and so happy! I am doing new things that I never thought I would have the confidence to do. I feel less bloated and lighter.

I am back to my love of cooking good food and having fun experimenting with new things. 

What change has had the biggest impact for you and why?

I think the main thing that has had an impact is definitely learning about my own body and what it needs to function in the best way, physically and mentally. This in turn will help me ensure that this is my new lifestyle rather than another short diet. 

What words of encouragement do you have for others who might currently be feeling the way you used to?

Do something about it! I am so glad I took the bull by the horns and just contacted Gen.

I was anxious about what to expect, but Gen instantly made me feel so relaxed with her. Also the ‘progress not perfection’ is so important to keep remembering.

Nothing comes straight away, we need to work on it and I don’t think I realised this before. 

Thank you so much Gen!! Honestly can’t stop saying it!

southampton personal trainer gen preece boot camp

You’re very welcome, Katie! Training you has been an absolute honour and pleasure and the hard work and consistent effort you put in has clearly paid off – well done! Gen x

Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp