If you rely on coffee to get you through the day, this one’s for you

We all need a little energy boost now and again. The majority of us rely on coffee and energy drinks; but one is never usually enough!
Not only is caffeine addictive, it also effects your weight loss. Let’s look at other ways to boost your energy, that don’t result in slumps, craving sugar and feeling like you can’t get through the day without it.

1) Cut down until it’s eliminated

If you go cold turkey, you may experience withdrawal symptoms like headaches, depression, irritability and fatigue. But remember these are only temporary, while your body heals itself.

Caffeine can also exacerbate physical conditions such as IBS, anaemia and kidney stones, from its high acid levels. Acid causes inflammation in the body; putting extra stress on the liver as it tries to expel it. And the first task the liver puts on hold when overloaded? Fat-burning! Remember this when you give your body this opportunity to heal. And given the chance, it will.
2) Hydrate and nourish in the morning 
If you’re not yet starting your day with warm lemon water, remember dehydration will not help fat-burning. In fact, the opposite is true! This simple alkalising and cleansing ritual has numerous benefits and has helped all my personal training clients (and their families) and boot camp attendees achieve great results.

If you follow this with a nourishing green smoothie, you’ll have all the energy you need with no crash afterwards – plus you’ll feel amazing! Check my blog and Instagram for some of my favourite smoothie recipes.
3) Sort your sleeping
This will be much easier without caffeine in your diet. Stick to a sleep schedule by aiming to go to bed and awake the same time each day. Avoiding TV, laptops and phones two hours before bed helps the body wind down naturally. Reading (BOOKS not tablets!) last thing before you turn the light off will also help you drift off easier.

4) Exercise
Not only is this my favourite de-stressor but it also boosts your energy way more than caffeine! Many of my personal training clients and Bootcampers have found as little as a ten minute workout in the morning, and again in the afternoon have done wonders not only for their energy but their productivity, mood and sense of wellbeing. 

Now you’re aware of some natural energy boosters, you’ll not only no longer rely on caffeine but experience a great range of health benefits from these alternatives!