My top restaurants, tips and findings for eating healthily in Mykonos

Hello beauties one and all! 

Huge apologies for the gap between this post and my last! Thank you so much for your patience and I really hope what I’m about to share with you makes up for it  😉 

Amongst rearranging our home to a functional and liveable state while our building works take place (we’ve now basically got the downstairs in an upstairs room!) I remain so infinitely grateful to my beautiful husband, who’s skills have enabled us to still have a temporary kitchen/living room. So we can continue to eat and live the way we do, albeit in a slightly smaller setting and from a slightly smaller fridge!

Anyhoo, we have recently returned from a short break in Mykonos. My sister got married there, so we thought we’d use the opportunity to extend our stay and enjoyed a great few days staying at the amazing and beautifully located Almyra Guest Houses apartments in the lead up to it.

I LOVE and have always loved Greek food, mainly because of the vast array of choice and quality of the fresh produce. So I was confident that being gluten-free wasn’t going to be that a huge deal. After all, much Greek food is already gluten-free so it was just a matter of making sure.

Greek coeliac card

If you’re coeliac or gluten-intolerant, I thoroughly recommend taking one of these restaurant cards to present to the staff. They will then be able to assist you with your order and check any dishes that you’re not sure of. We found the people of Mykonos to be so friendly and welcoming, so they will be only too happy to help you out.

Some of my personal training clients assumed I never ate out when they first met me, so I assured them the opposite is in fact true! Eating out can still be enjoyed, especially when you’re on holiday – it’s something that just needs a bit of adjusting now and then, in order for you to keep on living the fun life full of socialising that I bet you’re enjoying right now.

So after much research and, now I’m happy to say, personal experience, here are my top five spots for gluten free healthy eating in Mykonos (with a few photos thrown in for good measure!)

Avli Tou Thodori Platis Gialos

As this was voted Trip Advisor’s number one restaurant in Mykonos, and only a 10 minute walk from our apartment, we thought it only right to check it out on our first evening!

I’m so happy we did as the staff couldn’t do enough for us! The menu is pretty vast with plenty of choice for whatever you fancy. They were very helpful accommodating my GF choices and bought me cucumber to have with the hummus (instead of pita). We enjoyed some amazing freshly caught wild fish and the vegetables were also exceptional. We were seated looking right out over the beach.

We were so full by the time we had finished…so when they bought us out some complimentary fruit we asked if it was ok to take it with us! They said absolutely fine, wrapped it up for us and we had it for breakfast the next morning! 

So do check it this place out but I thoroughly recommend booking! You’re more likely to get a table if you eat slightly earlier, but they were able to fit us in when I emailed from the UK a few days earlier.

Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp gluten-free Mykonos

Kiki’s Tavern Agios Sostis Beach

One word: WOW!!!

This place is an actual hidden gem…only everyone seems to know about it! They don’t have a website or take bookings. I guess because they don’t actually need to! Located high on a cliff and overlooking a tiny cove with a lovely beach, you’ll need to get a taxi there (unless you’re lucky enough to stay somewhere where the owners offer to drive you – as we were!!)

The drill is, you arrive early (before 12pm) they put your name down and then they open their doors at 12:50. There were already a few queuing when we arrived, but we were so lucky to be one of the first tables of the day!

Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp gluten-free Mykonos

The food was exceptional: no electricity used to cook it so all by barbecue! There is also a stunning fresh salad bar for you to get stuck into while waiting for your main event. You choose either two or four salads (the husband chose two and I chose four!) and they were all delicious. The staff were all helpful and attentive to my requirements and we enjoyed the BEST grilled eggplant I had ever eaten!

Afterwards you can relax on the little beach and feel happy that you were lucky enough to get a table (there were still queues when we left!) Definitely a must-do in Mykonos. I mean…look at that view!!!

Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp gluten-free Mykonos

The view from Kiki’s Tavern

Yialo-Yialo Platys Yialos beach

We ended up here totally by chance! (And I didn’t have the camera on me so no photos unfortunately) but we remembered how nice this place looked while on our way to Avli Tou Thodori  on our first evening.

One of the hosts confirmed they could do GF for me and as soon as he mentioned they had freshly caught red snapper, it was a deal-breaker!

It was so busy they asked if we minded sharing a table for six with another couple. This couple turned out to be a friendly and hilarious pair of Americans whom we ended up spending the evening with talking and laughing until the restaurant closed!

So we were clearly meant to dine here that evening as not only did we enjoy incredible fish, but came away with some new friends 😉 thoroughly recommended especially if you enjoy high quality fish!

Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp gluten-free Mykonos

Outside Nikola’s Taverna

Nikola’s Taverna Agia Anna Paraga Mykonos, Paraga 

This was the venue of choice for my sister’s wedding, and given the standard (and sheer volume) of food that was served, we were both highly impressed!

They were extremely attentive to my GF requirements and when we returned for breakfast on our last day, we ordered omelettes that were absolutely huge! Great coffee also and they were very happy to see us again. 

Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp gluten-free Mykonos

Captain’s Waterfront, Mykonos Town

Couldn’t go to Greece without having Mezze! Captain’s and their high standard of GF dishes had been mentioned in several blogs I’d browsed, and it’s situated right in Mykonos town on the waterfront. So what better way to spend our final evening?

We ordered LOADS. Everything that I could eat was clearly marked out on the menu and it was wonderful to have such a vast selection. My favourites were the roasted vegetables, stuffed vine leaves and baba ganoush. 

They are only small and don’t take bookings, so if you arrive early as we did you should be fine. It filled up pretty quickly so word has clearly got out…

And if you fancy a sweet treat…

Da Vinci’s Gelato Akti Kabani, Mykonos Town

Well…we kinda had to! We’d read about this place on another blog that mentioned that the dark chocolate flavour was vegan and out of this world.

So we thought best to try it (among a couple of others…) And as Da Vinci’s is practically next door to Captain’s, it made perfect sense 😉 we were certainly not disappointed and if anything struggled to finish our servings. So I’d recommend one (two maximum) as three was a tad ambitious…
Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp gluten-free Mykonos
I hope you have found this article useful and I wish you healthy happy travels and a wonderful trip to Mykonos or wherever it is your heading.

And remember, going on holiday is a joy, privilege and opportunity to try new and healthy things. Not an excuse to abandon all your hard work so far!

Safe travels ☺ Gen xSouthampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp gluten-free Mykonos