Southampton Personal Trainer now on the BBC!

I must say, I’m loving this radio business – I was so excited to be invited on to BBC Radio Solent as a Saturday Morning News panel guest yesterday!

The lovely Katie Martin (standing in for the equally lovely Sasha Twining) and I, together with Roger Walker and Rob Drake-Knight had a great time discussing the morning headlines.

Gen with BBC Radio Solent Katie Martin

Gen with BBC Radio Solent Katie Martin

As someone known for usually only taking an interest in the positive and uplifting stories (which are a rarity!) I never knew the news could be so much fun!

I cannot actually remember the last time I read a newspaper so leafing through them and managing to find stories that were not all doom and gloom was pretty refreshing.

And the fact that we started at 7am and I managed to articulate my thoughts is something I am rather proud of!
So thank you to Katie and all at BBC Radio Solent for inviting me!

You can listen to the show on BBC iplayer here