Meet Kelly, a personal training client I have had the pleasure of working with!

With Christmas fast approaching and the amount of unhealthy temptation starting to take over our supermarket aisles, I wanted to share an amazing and inspiring and story to help keep you on track over the next few weeks.

The lovely Kelly (who is always a joy to work with!) has shown exactly what is achievable from applying a few simple changes. The phenomenal results speak for themselves, but let’s hear the inspiring story from the lady herself:

Why did you decide to start changing your lifestyle?

Despite having what I thought was having a healthy lifestyle and diet, I was feeling very lethargic and steadily putting on weight (in the form of addtional fat) even though I thought I was doing the right things.

What exactly did you change?

I changed my diet by cutting out sugars, refined carbs and wheat. At the same time, I increased my intake of veggies and healthy protein. I also changed the way I exercise, now doing high intensity training, which takes far less time, vs the previous endless (and boring!) running on a treadmill.

How did you find making these changes?

Understanding nutrition and exercise, and the impact these have on my body have been really eye opening. Particularly understanding just how evil hidden sugar and processed foods are!  I have found I so enjoy the variety of food I am eating, and am out of a rut of eating the same old bog-standard food that wasn’t really doing me any favours.  And also that I can exercise more effectively in far less time than I was taking!

What is different about your life now?

I think about what I eat and when – and try to be more organised and forward-thinking.  But I also don’t obsess over sugar-laden food, that I was probably addicted to before.

How do you feel now, compared to how you used to?

I no longer weigh myself and have thrown the scales away!  I am happier within myself and have lots more energy and drive.

What change do you feel has had the biggest impact for you and why?

Understanding nutrition and re-working this onto my husband and little kids (aged four and seven.) Getting them to try (and like!) new foods has been really satisfying.


Kelly's healthy weight loss: Southampton personal trainer Gen Levrant

Kelly’s amazing health transformation

Thank YOU for sharing this, Kelly! Your story illustrates exactly what is possible with a little dedication and consistency. And it is always a joy to watch somebody (literally) going from strength in their personal training sessions 🙂

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