An incredible morning of food, friends, fun – and even some sun!

How awesome was today?! (If I say so myself…)

I’m still on a high from the amazing, positive vibe and wonderful energy I’ve been left with, following Nourishing at Home yesterday morning with such a fab group of people! I truly believe I get to train Southampton’s finest, and for that I’m very grateful! 😄

These nutritional masterclasses, which due to popular demand have now become regular occurrences (!!!) are specially created to propel everyone who attends to the next level of health and wellness, regardless of wherever they are in life. As well as to experience the power of nurturing delicious foods that nourish body and soul, with plenty of new and exciting recipes.

Nourish at Home Southampton Personal trainer Gen Preece Boot Camp

So how did we get on? Here’s what a few of our guests have to say:

“I loved the fun relaxed style of today, lots of great info – and trying all the food! I’ve learned it’s easy to make a wider variety of interesting and healthy food with such little effort. I will now broaden my healthy eating at work, where I sometimes get bored!” – Dawn

“My favourite part of today was the food tasting sensation! I’ve learned about a variety of ingredients I’ve never used before and now have so many ideas to use for meals!”Jo

“I enjoyed all of today, good company and great recipes! I loved learning about all the different seeds and ingredients used that aren’t toxic. Going forward, I will certainly be trying to eat more natural foods.”Cathy

“This was my first workshop and my favourite parts of today were learning about the new ingredients and where is best to source them. The most important thing I learned was how to feel healthy and full! I’ll now be thinking about food differently and reading ingredient labels.”Vicki

“I loved today’s desserts! I always learn so much at these workshops and look forward to recreating the recipes at home as I plan to carry on eating clean.”Sharon

“My favourite part of today was having the chance to taste everything that we were shown! I’ve learned that all of my cravings can be satisfied with natural products. I now plan to introduce smoothies and use more varied salad ingredients.”Heather

“I’ve learned how good natural food can taste amazing and be filling(especially the desserts!) from all the different recipes today. Now I’m aware of foods that I never knew existed, my eating habits will now consist of a better selection of foods”Angela

“I’ll certainly now be prepping more food in advance so I can make lunches on a regular basis. I’ve learned about the amounts of good fats that are and are not good for us and when to eat fruit. My favourite parts of today were the different lunch ideas, the gluten-free bread, sauces and puddings which were AWESOME!” – Matt

“I’ve learned how everything that tastes so good is so easy and quick to make! I loved seeing Gen today, and the food (obvs!) I feel I’ve slipped a bit recently but am now inspired again so I’m back on it!”Shelley

“My favourite parts of today were the raw chocolate squares, tacos and bread. I’ve learned about how coriander can remove metals from our bodies. I’ll definitely be more adventurous with my meals now.” Debbie

“I loved trying the raw wraps and so now have great lunch ideas. I’ve learned how food effects the body and how different foods are absorbed. I also now have pudding ideas for the whole family and can make ice-cream!Becky

“I learned today that eating healthily is fun and tasty and definitely the way to continue. I loved the opportunity to try all the new recipes, especially the bread! I have now made a commitment to staying on track and feel rebooted! Looking forward to more of the same, please! Kelly

Nourish at Home Southampton Personal trainer Gen Preece Boot Camp

Just reading all that has got me a tad misty-eyed!!! It would appear mission was well and truly once again accomplished today!

A sincerely huge thank you so very much to everyone who attended! I cannot express how much your lovely feedback, kindness and positive energy you have given (and continue to give) means to me.

I remain honoured, flattered humbled and infinitely grateful for doing what I do every day as a personal trainer, and for getting this opportunity to share everything we covered today with such a wonderful group of people. Southampton ROCKS and I love living here!

Nourish at Home Southampton Personal trainer Gen Preece Boot Camp

And I’d once again like to express an extra special thank you to my wonderful, kind, helpful and brilliant husband Damien, the other half of me, my best friend and favourite person in the world, whom I infinitely love with every cell of my being! Without you, none of this would have been possible…and there would have also been a hell of a lot of washing up for me to do all by myself… ☺️

Thanks again to every single one of you for coming and making this workshop possible. And for anyone who sadly didn’t get their tickets in time, fear not because as requested, another workshop is already being planned for Autumn!   

So keep watching this space (and our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds if you’re not already following us!) and hopefully you’ll get to join us when we nourish at home again!

With peace, love, gratitude and raw cake always,

Gen x 

Nourish at Home Southampton Personal trainer Gen Preece Boot Camp