NEWSFLASH: Southampton Personal Trainer cures the common cold!

Well…almost 🙂

If you’re still fighting a pre-Christmas cold or have one threatening to take over your life, you MUST try this!

I put it together at the end of last year, when a cold decided to pleasantly surprise me one weekend. Thankfully, I didn’t have any Personal Training clients that needed rearranging (and even more thankfully, I only see my clients Monday-Friday!) so I took it upon myself to be better by Monday.

I looked over my nutrition notes and considered what would work best in terms of immune-boosting, soothing and re-energising. I then came up with this little beauty:


1 x whole fresh pineapple

1 x apple

1 x lemon

1 x thumb size piece of ginger

As much cayenne pepper as you can handle!

I think nipping it in the bud is the answer when it comes to colds. There may not be an actual ‘cure’ but this is certainly the closest I’ve ever come to it. I immediately felt better after finishing my juice (despite nose and eyes streaming from the cayenne pepper!) and by the evening, my throat soreness had ceased.

I made another the following day just to make sure, and was right as rain by Sunday evening. I can be certain eating a nutritionally-dense diet and taking care of yourself play a huge role in the number of colds you may suffer, and how quickly you get over them.

Like anyone running there own business, I do not have the ability to take ‘sick days’! And being so fortunate to do a job I immensely love every day, having to sacrifice Personal Training sessions and Boot Camps for the fear of making my clients ill is an absolute no-go!

I’m a huge fan of natural, rather than chemical remedies wherever possible. Try it and let me know how you get on. You’ve nothing to lose…except the sniffles!

PT Gen Personal Trainer Southampton Cold Remedy

PT Gen’s cold cure!

Good luck and good health! 🙂