Join all the Southampton superstars ready to enjoy Christmas, without the stodge ruining it for them…

Now in its sixth year: your chance to make your Christmas healthier, while improving the Christmas of someone in Southampton less fortunate than you.

The un-needed Christmas food Amnesty idea came to me six years ago, after several Personal training clients and Boot camp attendees expressed to me how anxious they were, about all the Christmas stodge that ‘appears’ in their homes. When times feel stressful, it’s very hard to say no to!

Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Preece Boot Camp

A few of last years donations!

Even if none of the incessant rubbish on offer in the supermarkets’ ‘seasonal’ aisles gets put in their trolleys, toxic ‘treats’ still appear in offices, parties, gifted from families…often it feels like there’s no escaping them!

Then comes the annual perpetual pattern of abandoning all fitness and health efforts around Christmas, resulting in far more work to do come January.

Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp

Is restarting a New Year health kick really going to be any easier with darker days, colder weather and post-Christmas blues?! If this sounds familiar, that’s the other reason for this amnesty. DO NOT GIVE UP – give AWAY!

Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Preece with Salvation Army Officer Ian Davis

Enter the wonderful people at the Salvation Army. The number of food parcels I see every year when dropping off everyone’s donations is beyond heart-breaking. I feel grateful for such generosity, yet at the same time mad at the (ever-growing) amount of cheap Christmas stodge that corporations make available to us every year!

Don’t be another New Year cliché by buying into it. You’ll feel miles better by

  1. a) not having stodge in your house and
  2. b) knowing what would have once made you feel sluggish and guilty has instead gone to a vulnerable family, as a Christmas treat. We know corporations don’t care about the UK’s obesity epidemic. But WE can.

Consider for a moment exactly what these stodgy ‘treats’ would mean to vulnerable families. And it’s not just food you can donate; many of my amazing clients have also cleared out their children’s old toys. There were so many donations last year, I couldn’t fit them all in the car so had to make two trips!

Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Preece

The wonderful Salvation Army Officer Margaret Moore – and some of the toys donated by my wonderful personal training clients

The donation box is currently in the foyer of my Park Gate studio and will be until December 22nd. To donate your un-needed food or toys, please contact me today (details below) to arrange a drop-off time.

On behalf of myself and the Salvation Army, we’d like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone who has donated so far. A happy healthy Christmas to you all! 

Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Preece Boot Camp

With the fabulous Salvation Army Officer Ian Davis – and just ONE of the tables of last year’s donations!

Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp