How to get REAL RESULTS from your diet and exercise in 2015

With every New Year comes a host of get fit, get slim, get healthier resolutions, a number of them unfortunately broken within a few weeks. But what is it that makes so many of us fall into the ‘New Year’s Resolution Cliché’ year after year?

Come January, we start back with a vengeance, determined to shift the Christmas flab; while feeling generally depressed, out of shape and giving up after a few weeks of colder weather and darker days. And reaching for the chocolate and wine to give ourselves a boost…

So here are three big diet and fitness mistakes that you can easily avoid making this year:

1) Having an “All or Nothing” attitude

Adopting this attitude places an immense amount of pressure on us to be 100% ‘perfect’ 100% of the time. And we all know how easy that is. More often than not, even if one managed to adopt this way of behaving for a couple of weeks, “falling off the wagon” eventually becomes inevitable. PT Gen Personal Trainer Southampton

What you can do instead: Take it one day at a time, telling yourself it’s about progress – notperfection. Trying to maintain an unrealistic way of living, combined with such an immense amount of pressure in the first place will only set you up for a perpetual ‘binge and start over’ cycle. If you have a slip up, just say to yourself “Whoops, I lost it again” and get right back on it starting with your next meal. It doesn’t make you a failure, it makes you a human being.

2) Overloading on sugar

It’s the time of year where many received blenders or juicers for Christmas and are now ‘juicing’

Southampton Personal trainer Gen Preece: Green Smoothie

Winter Green Smoothie

converts, having a smoothie every morning. Whereas the odd fruit smoothie is a delicious and refreshing beverage, the mistake so many make is overloading on fructose from fruit – which is still a sugar! And being puzzled for as to why their waistlines haven’t shrunk…

What you can do instead: If you’re trying to lean out, make your smoothies with 80% vegetables and 20% fruit. That way you will still receive all the nourishing enzymes but without the excess sugar. My favourite winter green smoothie is 1/2 a romaine lettuce, 300mls coconut water, 1 inch of ginger,  2 handfuls  of spinach, 1/2 a lemon, 1/2 a green apple, small handful of fresh parsley and fresh coriander.

3) Going hell for leather with exercise

Thousands of gyms and health clubs DEPEND on this behaviour, evident from the surge in sign-

ups from new members and visits from existing members trying to get their money’s worth from January 1st. Whereas I’m (funnily enough) a big fan of regular exercise, the mistake so many seem to make is trying too much too soon, without the correct guidance. This can often result in injury and an (understandable) reluctance to continue.

Boot Camp Southampton Personal Trainer PT Gen

The friendliest Boot Camp in Southampton – ours!

What you can do instead: Be honest with yourself and find something you enjoy. If you like being in nature, find some long country walks. If you dislike the idea of the gym, cancel your existing membership or don’t join one. If you need advice, chat to a few personal trainers and find one you click with. Many of our Boot Camp class attendees were looking for something they could work hard at, but at a pace they are comfortable with. And that’s pretty much why we created it!

Remember, there is no magic-bullet, just the ability to take ownership and responsibility for the choices we make. YOU and ONLY YOU are accountable, and it was not until I embraced this and changed my own lifestyle, that I started to see results. I sincerely and wholeheartedly wish the same for you this New Year and always.