The article your personal trainer might not want you to read…

It is unquestionably, a very difficult time in the fitness industry; not only for those seeking to lose weight, but for personal trainers themselves to earn a decent living. Many have, understandably, resorted to relying on an alternative income; often the selling of supplements, shakes, challenge programs or exercise equipment.

The most common question I get asked from newcomers having seen my clients and Bootcampers results is: “how long did that take them?”

Doesn’t that perfectly encapsulate the world we live in? We want results QUICK!

I am also contacted at least once a week by companies asking me to endorse their ‘magic pills’, shakes etc. Worryingly, not one person has yet held any extensive knowledge of their product, beyond their sales pitch script! (Nor understanding why I can’t advocate something I don’t practice myself…)

I believe my responsibility as a personal trainer, is to educate and provide the tools for my clients and boot camp attendees, to make the right choices.

Before changing my lifestyle and qualifying as a personal trainer, I’d tried various supplements, shakes and diets. I remain thoroughly grateful to have had these experiences, learned what doesn’t work and be in the position I’m now in: to educate, guide and motivate.

Whether it’s exercise DVDs, raspberry ketones, fitness machines; we’ve all been victims of clever marketing at some point, myself included.

Reality check:

The Magic Weight Loss Pill: Personal Trainer Gen Preece Southampton

Most of us know deep down there is no quick fix. Yet the desire, in a consumer-dominant society, perpetuated by fitness professionals selling products, only makes it harder not to buy into the idea that there might be. If there was, it would have been snapped up by the NHS, who would have saved themselves many of the billions already spent on obesity and related disease.

It would be the stuff of international news headlines, not via cold calls or adverts on your Facebook wall.How hard is it sticking to diets or plans? Pretty hard! Life gets in the way, causing us to constantly ‘start over’. We are not robots but unique, complex beings and creatures of habit (some good, some not so good for us.)We need to remain flexible, patient and learn to go with the flow, in order to achieve long term results.

I once viewed fit toned people, who exercised and cooked healthily, as ‘magical beings’ not like the rest of us. In reality, they are just human beings who have made certain choices.There is no reason why you can’t make the same choices too. And if your personal trainer serves their correct purpose, they will be there to educate, guide and motivate you every step of the way.

The reality of permanent results: personal trainer Gen Preece Southampton