Why keeping hydrated is the most important habit my personal trainer clients start…

I’ve previously written about water’s crucial role in the body’s ability to burn fat efficiently, and as we’re (almost) approaching Spring, now is as good a time as any to start embracing this underrated yet extremely healthy habit.

And here are three reasons you may or not be aware of, to keep hydrated that are often the first thing I discuss when I start working with new personal trainer clients.

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Heart Health

Not only is water involved in absolutely every single one of the body’s functions, as our cells draw water from the bloodstream, but if it has not had enough water it will interpret dehydration as being in a state of shock. The heart is, as a result, put under unnecessary pressure when we are dehydrated

Water retention/bloating

If we’re holding excess water (that can often happen during ladies’ special time of the month…) drinking up can be the answer! Being dehydrated means we are far more likely to retain water, as this is the body’s way of attempting to re-hydrate us. This is never fun for anyone, especially when we are planning on actually fitting into our clothes!


All our fat-burning efforts are effectively redundant if we are dehydrated. This is because one of the liver’s key function’s is to metabolise fat for energy.

If our kidneys are deprived of water, they rely on the liver to help them out. If the liver has to do this, it puts it’s fat-metabolising function on hold to help the kidneys out, ultimately leads to more fat storage!

Thirst can also sometimes be misinterpreted as hunger, meaning we may end up overeating, when we really just need a glass of water!

The most important time of the day to get your water in is first thing in the morning, as we have ‘gone without’ it for the duration of the night and need to re-hydrate. The ideal way to start the day is with a cup of warm water and fresh lemon juice. The body will then let you know when it is ready for food.

If you think you’re likely to forget to drink up during the day, then start carrying a refillable bottle wherever you go. A great little reminder are the gorgeous glass bottles from My Beautiful Bottle (available to buy at my studio!) 

My beautiful bottle: southampton personal trainer gen preece boot camp

When you are home, make sure you get yourself a glass and keep it close by (and at least half full!) at all times. You’ll find this will eventually become a new habit that you do automatically – and that your body will thank you for. Happy hydrating! Gen x

Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp