Nourish at Faster Personal Training Southampton: and so we did!

Nourish at Faster Personal Training Southampton

Nourish at Faster Personal Training Southampton

On Sunday February 2nd we were honoured to give our personal training clients, boot camp attendees, their friends and families a boost in body and mind at our special New Year Event Nourish!

And boy did we!

We were lucky enough to be joined by fabulous Nutritional expert Aimie Smith-Dodson and Pyschologist Dr Sally Pears, an expert in health behavioural change specialising in the cognitive and emotional processes of food cravings.

Aimie shared her own inspiring story of how changing poor nutrition habits led to her curing a host of debilitating health problems that had plagued her life from childhood, as well as allowing her to lose five stone in weight.

Aimie Smith Personal trainer Southampton

Aimie Smith at Nourish!

Her fabulous live demos included the now infamous green smoothie, raw cous cous made from cauliflower, salads that are NOT boring as well as some incredible raw chocolate desserts.

Dr Sally’s workshop, titled ‘Below the Surface: examining the thoughts and beliefs that limit progress’ allowed everyone who attended to take a look at their own personal beliefs. As these govern our attitude and there is so very much to discuss with regards to this, I cannot believe how quick the hour flew by!

I recall the beliefs I had when I was overweight, unhealthy and unhappy. I believed being slim would make me happy, popular, get me a boyfriend and solve all my problems. And what did I find? I was EXACTLY the same person on the inside, even though I was four dress sizes smaller on the outside: the only difference was that I was now attracting the attention of superficial people!

Dr Sally Pears at Nourish

Dr Sally Pears at Nourish

I was fortunate enough to have a couple of people to point me in the right direction and I ended up meeting a wonderful lady that helped me become the person I am today. She taught me to relax, to believe in myself and finally let go of the guilt (my default position) that I had been carrying since childhood.

I am truly blessed to live the life I do today. It has not been easy and I believe we are all on a journey in which we never stop learning. And as for everybody else who came to Nourish?

“I could have talked to them both for hours”

“I am so glad I came, I think I’ve turned a corner!”

“Really wonderful morning, both presentations were fantastic!”

“I’ve got loads of ideas now, thank you so much for today!”

“I never knew cauliflower could be so exciting!”

As for us? We’re just glad we prepared enough food for leftovers!

Raw chocolate orange slabs!

Raw chocolate orange slabs!