If you’re looking to tone up and keep your results, don’t fall into this easy trap…

My fabulous team of personal trainers and I believe one of our most important duties to our clients and boot camp attendees, is not only to help them achieve results – but keep these results!

You may know by now that we do not believe in diets, quick fixes, fads, gimmicks or ’emergency weight loss’ strategies (don’t get us started on pills, potions and shakes…)

The Magic Weight Loss Pill: Personal Trainer Gen Preece Southampton Boot Camp

Not only are these not sustainable or maintainable long-term, but the unwelcome side-effects and levels of stress they place on the body may create all-new health problems, some being irreversible. 

We believe is the most important thing for every individual we work with is to live a full, happy and healthy life, without deprivation or restriction! Our strategies for applying the correct nutrition and fitness for the body’s needs are maintainable for the long-term, becoming a way of life.

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Another of our responsibilities is to educate our personal training clients and boot camp attendees in what will and will not get them permanent results. As well as help them to quit the cycle of yo-yoing and making the same diet and fitness mistakes over and over again, so many of them were stuck in year after year before they came to us. 

Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Preece Boot Camp

So which mistake is it that stops so many people achieving this?

Most people start their ‘diets’ or workout plans on Monday, often following a particularly indulgent weekend. If this sounds like you, and you work as hard as the majority of the Southampton population, you’ll know by the time Thursday arrives just how easily all your health and fitness efforts can end up taking a back seat!

With the exciting prospect of the weekend almost here; and many getting ready for it on Thursday rather than Friday, everything gets put on hold until the following Monday where the cycle begins all over again!

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Is it any wonder so many people get stuck in that cycle?

Research has shown people, who maintain physical activity throughout the week, are far less likely to overindulge at the weekend. They also achieve far greater fat loss results; some subjects even losing up to TWICE as much body fat than those who exercised only at the start of the week! 

Bear this in mind if you’re a ‘start of the week’ exerciser; who is ‘done’  by Wednesday. Including activity towards the latter part of the week, whether it’s a short home workout, long walk or our new revamped Thursday fat-loss Boot Camp class will do wonders for not only your fat loss, but also your productivity and stress levels.

So start living for the week, rather than the weekend!

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