Green Smoothies in the Southampton Sun

Today was a bright beautiful sunny day in Southampton, our first proper one of the New Year!

After a very pleasant long walk with my fiance, I felt an alkalising green smoothie was the perfect compliment for a stunning day like today.

I try and put them together whenever I can and really feel the benefits; or more accurately, notice the difference in my energy levels when I don’t have one!

If I’ve got a long day ahead of Personal Training clients, I sometimes even blend one up in the morning and take it in to sip between sessions!

Being gluten-intolerant and previously suffering a lifetime of unpleasant symptoms I’d learned to live with (bloating, stomach discomfort, lethargy, difficulty concentrating to name but a few) I feel very fortunate to have and blessed to have learned about such a vast world of nourishing possibilities, all so simple. And cheap!

All you need is a blender…and some raw veg!

Green Smoothie: Personal Trainer Southampton

Green Smoothie: a tall glass of awesome

Today’s Alkalising Green Smoothie:

1 x large ripe banana

160g spinach

5 x celery sticks

1 x lemon

1 x thumb size piece of ginger

500ml filtered water











It kept me going for a good couple of hours and is such a great energy booster. The lemon and ginger aid digestion, so if you suffer from bloating or digestive discomfort as I used to, it truly makes a difference. More importantly, you will not get a blood sugar spike and be craving another sugary fix twenty minutes after the “high” has faded!

Try taking one into work for a mid-morning energy boost. It also makes a fantastic alternative to the ever-available sugar and gluten-laden snacks that often appear the only available option. If you prepare and plan, I can assure you there is always another choice 🙂