Need a quick healthy lunch idea? You’re in luck!

Easy, healthy and quick lunch and snack ideas are something many of my personal training clients and Southampton boot camp class attendees have struggled with in the past.

As lunch breaks themselves have, sadly for many, become a thing of the past, lunch often gets eaten at one’s desk, grabbed on the go or skipped altogether.

That’s why this hummus recipe is so incredibly awesome. Not only is it 100% dairy free, gluten free, oil free, vegan, paleo and delicious, it only requires FIVE ingredients and FIVE MINUTES of your time to make!

It’s also travel friendly so you can easily take a pot to work. It can be stored in the fridge for approximately five days after making (looks like five is certainly the magic number here…) and the protein content (from the nutritional yeast) keeps you full, satisfied and not craving sugar come late afternoon. So how do you make it? Grab your food processor or blender and chuck in the following:

– 2 large pealed courgettes (zucchini)
– 3 tbspns tahini
– 1 small garlic clove (or 2 tbspns garlic granules)
– 3 tbspns nutritional yeast (I buy mine here)
– juice of 1 lemon

That’s it! Serve with carrot batons, cucumber sticks, sliced peppers, whatever veg you like. It also makes a great side dish to accompany a main meal, and has been a big hit with many of my personal training clients’ kids too!

I like to season mine with a sprinkle of paprika and pink Himalayan salt, and you can always add some cayenne pepper or chilli powder if you fancy a kick of spice.

So there you go, one of my favourite lunch and snack ideas that I regularly make a batch of every Sunday. It also features on our boot camp menu plan, and has been a big hit/lifesaver so far!

Let me know how you get on with yours, I’m always thrilled to receive your feedback, ideas and personal twists on the recipes!

Enjoy and have an awesome day! ☺️