There’s no such thing as super foods, but these fat-burning beauties will help you get the body you want – and here’s how…

When making positive changes to your diet, the important thing to remember is progress – not perfection. So many of us adopt an ‘all or nothing’ approach, which only sets you up for a crash and burn binge. Sound familiar?!

So here’s four fat-burners you can incorporate into your diet to help keep you on track, as they have for me and my personal training clients. Some you may have heard of, some perhaps not but here’s what they are and how they can help you.

Kale: Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Preece1. Kale

If this super-green is not yet part of your salads, grab a bag this week! It’s a great plant protein and calcium source; packed with phytochemicals, fiber and chlorophyl, a major blood builder. Kale Chips are one of my favourite side dishes, look out for the recipe on my blog very soon!

Acai Berry: Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Preece

2. Acai berry
Pronounced “aah-si-yee” not only are these berries full of antioxidants and highly beneficial nutrients; the high omega-3 fatty acid content can actually make us leaner and more beautiful! How so? They maintain the structure and fluidity of cell membranes, which facilitates the inflow of nutrients and the outflow of waste products. The result? Hydrated and strong skin-cells and youthful, radiant skin! Available in a powder form, this wonder berry has become one of my favourite desserts, blended with some electrolyte-rich coconut water. Try

Quinoa: Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Preece

3) Quinoa
Pronounced “keen-wah” this high-quality and filling gluten-free grain is the best alternative to rice, cous cous and pasta. Unlike acidic-forming wheat, quinoa once digested leaves a slightly alkaline residue in the body. Fat (and disease) struggle to survive in an alkaline environment, so alkalising the body is essential when trying to melt away fat.

Spirulina: Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Preece

4) Spirulina
If you’re an active athlete (or non-stop constantly on the go person) this green algae is an extremely high protein source that also wards off energy slumps. Spirulina is also jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) , B vitamins omega-3 fatty acids and enzymes. Available as a powder, I often add a couple of teaspoons to my green smoothie, which helps keep me full and energised for a busy day of personal training.

REMEMBER: there are no bad foods, just bad choices. The more good you put into your body, the more it’ll thank you and the better you’ll feel from the inside out. To find out how your diet can get you the results you’ve been waiting for, get in touch today!