Two Southampton and Canada fat-burning recipes for the price of one

One of my favourite things about visiting our wonderful friends in Canada (although it’s very hard to pick just one…) is the number of delicious, healthy recipes we always come home with!

Holidays are a wonderful opportunity to experience new dishes, ingredients and flavours so if you’re anything like me, you know it means recreating them in your own kitchen is omne extra thing to look forward to when returning home.

This year was no different, following our visit to New York my husband and I were both bursting with ideas to recreate for our friends at their Peterborough cottage; by the time we reached Toronto. And I thought I’d share with you two of the recipes we exchanged and have already made several times  🙂

So let’s start with the dish we made our friends for lunch (and that they’ve been eating on an almost daily basis since we left!)

[yumprint-recipe id=’1′] And here’s my adaptation of theirs:

[yumprint-recipe id=’2′]So there you go, two healthy holiday recipes for you to try! As always, please let me know how you get on as it’s always great to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Enjoy and happy summer!