Boot camp star Zoe was diagnosed with Fybromyalgia and suffering with depression so decided to try personal training as her last shot at getting her life back…

When the lovely Zoe first contacted me, she was at the end of her tether. After being told by several health professionals to basically accept the way she was (constant aches and pains that she was told was down to fybromyalgia and starting to feel very depressed and low on energy) she told me contacting a personal trainer was her last shot.
After making a few simple changes to her diet and starting regular activity in the form of personal training sessions and Boot camp twice a week (as well as a Southampton Park run on a Saturday) Zoe’s life positively transformed after six weeks. And it didn’t stop there…
Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp
“I had been trying for a very long time to keep my weight down and feel healthy, but never felt I was achieving much in the direction I wanted to go.
Then what was thought to be fybromyalgia/depression kicked in and I took the advice from the professionals and started to accept this as “the way it was”.
Then things got to a stage where I thought this isn’t the way I want to be, so I contacted a personal trainer: Gen.
This was my turning point as since I have met Gen I have been gradually feeling so much better inside and out with the advice that she has given me.
I have followed and it has made such a difference to my life, I can’t stress enough the change in me!
I can only say is thank you Gen for giving me the guidance and the direction to put me on the road to recovery in feeling better and fitter – thank you! Love Zoe” x
You’re very welcome, Zoe it has been wonderful getting to know you and well done for such an amazing achievement! x
Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp