Don’t let the cliches of Summer spoil your Bikini Body…

Keep your Bikini Body this Summer: Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Levrant

Keep your Bikini Body this Summer: Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Levrant

Keeping cool (while looking hot) can be pretty overwhelming when we are lucky enough to be blessed with a Summer. Barbeques, bored children and an abundance of stodgy snacks (on offer) that plague the supermarket shelves certainly don’t make it any easier for us.

You’ve already read my article on the importance of hydration (imperative whatever the weather) but when it comes to keeping the bikini body you’ve worked so hard for, here are a few Summer swaps I’ve found have helped my clients and me not cancel out all we’ve worked for.

Soft drinks > Green Smoothies

Empty calorie-laden soft drinks not only add to our waistlines, but don’t do our skin any favours. Caffeine can contribute to grey and tired looking skin, leading our bodies crying out for nutrients. Green Smoothie Personal Trainer Gen Levrant Southampton

Green smoothies allow you start the day feeling wonderful, giving you (and your little ones) an abundance of nutrients from (hidden!) veg. My favourite is spinach, kale, apple, pear, lemon and celery.

Gym visits > 10 minute Outdoor Workouts

Avoid the sweaty crowded gym environment; feeling smug you can achieve far more in an intense 10 minute blast in the fresh air, with no need for equipment. Have a look at my YouTube channel and Facebook page for ideas (or just join us at Bootcamp!)

Pasta > Courgette Spaghetti

Making your own spaghetti using raw courgettes and a vegetable peeler will mean pasta salads (often a Summer favourite) need no longer be a problem. You could even get a spiraliser that makes them feel more like noodles in texture. I tend to cover mine in a raw marinara sauce made from tomatoes, garlic and basil.

Theme Parks > Lake visits

Avoid the expense and hassle of theme park trips by heading down to the lake or shoreline. Living in Southampton makes it even more advantageous as we are never too far from the cool of the water!

Gen Levrant: Southampton Personal Trainer...and Wakeboarder!

Gen Levrant: Southampton Personal Trainer…and Wakeboarder!

Our favourite is Ellingham Lake in Ringwood, where we enjoy wakeboarding. There are plenty of splash pools too. Leaving plenty of time and packing a healthy picnic the night before will save the hassle of forking out for lunch.

If you’re stuck for healthy ideas or inspiration for you and your family this summer, now is the time to compile your own list before the holidays begin. I hope mine help you as much as they have helped my own clients!