Overcoming your sugar cravings: the strategies and tips that actually WORK (from personal experience…)

Quitting sugar is pretty fashionable at the moment, which may be why that title got your attention!

Celebrities are now ‘writing’ recipe books explaining how they managed it, numerous quitting sugar programs are available for a small fortune and there are array of sugar replacements on the market; all presenting themselves as the magic answer.

Yet…so many of us experience sugar cravings and the world is getting unhealthier by the day.

The Not So Sweet Truth

We know how big a contributor sugar is to weight gain, disease and aging. When consumed, the body is weakened from the accumulation of toxins. Sugar affects our natural ability to remove them, which disrupts our hormonal system. This now has to work even harder to balance our blood sugar levels, warding off the growth of bacteria (that sugar feeds!)

As a result, the body struggles to absorb nutrients, and any healthy nourishment it is fed can essentially get cancelled out! We experience energy dips, leading to further cravings and the cycle continues.

How can we stop?

From my own research and experience, the answer is not going cold turkey but a combination of balancing the body, tackling the need for sweet tasting foods and healing the gut bacteria.

When the body is emotionally and physically balanced; functioning properly (through nourishing foods rather than refined sugars;) sugars from whole foods are metabolized correctly.

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Balancing the body

Another huge factor is dehydration. I’ve written previously about its importance for every bodily function, so ensuring you are always hydrated (never thirsty) reaps you and your cravings tremendous benefits. Painfully simple but the truth!

Attempting to suppress sweet cravings is another common mistake. When the body is used to receiving sugary foods, it only expects more. When we focus on replacement, rather than suppression, cravings disappear.

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Hydrate to Lose Weight!

And the best replacement for sweet foods? Sour foods! Raw cultured vegetables like kimchee and sauerkraut kill two birds with one stone; as they also provide the body with healthy gut-healing bacteria.

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Lemon water: a great helper in tackling sugar cravings

Keep a food diary, noting when you experience cravings. You may notice a pattern, which is your first step towards identifying which habits need to be addressed.

With every personal training client I see, each case is uniquely different; the nutritional and lifestyle advice tailored to each individual. Permanently changing your long-term relationship with sugar is not an overnight fix and requires a lot of hard work. Start by contacting me to book your 100% free consultation today!

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