The first personal trainer to guest on Southampton’s That Solent TV!

I was honoured to be invited on to Southampton’s local TV channel That’s Solent, to chat on their show Talk Solent last week.

Not only was I not even aware Southampton even had it’s own TV channel (apologies That’s Solent team – we have Sky, not Virgin or Freeview!) I was the first personal trainer to have ever appeared on it. So thank you!

I had a fun time chatting to Chris Stiles about weight-loss itself and what makes people struggle, as well as the approach I have that works with my personal training clients. And of course we talked about Boot Camp and exactly why it’s so awesome (if I say so myself…)

I was also lucky to meet local hypnotherapist Ian Fielder from the Botley Hypnotherapy clinic, who also guested on the show. We discovered we both had a ton of commonalities within our approaches to treating our clients; it was very refreshing to meet somebody with a like-minded view! 

So thank you to Chris and all the That’s Solent team for inviting me, I had a lot of fun and it was well worth the excessive application of make-up in order to look presentable on HD TV  😀 

That's Solent: Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Preece