Get your head in the right place and keep it there with these pointers for health and happiness!

Here we are once again at that time of year, where many healthy New Years resolutions start becoming abandoned – that’s if they have even lasted this long! And the number one reason? Simply because life gets in the way!

Throughout my career as a personal trainer, the same patterns appear to emerge every year. And this year was no different! As soon as 2016 arrived, we received an influx of calls from new people who have made decisions to be healthier, slimmer, fitter etc for the new year.

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Perhaps they have an up and coming event, like a wedding or a holiday. Or perhaps they have overindulged over Christmas and are looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle with a “never again” and “all or nothing” mindset.

Many people begin the year with this new attitude, with the plan of not allowing anything they believe may sabotage their goal, to get in the way. This may sometimes even include socialising with their friends, for fear it may cause them to “fall off the wagon”.

Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot Camp

If this sounds familiar, the truth is as this is NOT a realistic nor maintainable way of living, it is inevitable that you will “fall off the wagon”. All intentions and changes will go out the window, and you will feel pretty damn awful. So what are the options? You either start again or go back to your previous way of living. And perhaps you’ll give it a go this time next year…

Fortunately, there is another approach. Our personal training clients and boot camp attendees, whom adopt this approach set themselves up for indefinite success, without an “all-or-nothing” attitude, which only leads to yo-yoing between “being good or being bad”.

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I’ve put this approach into the following points for you to print out and refer to. Have a think about which ones apply to you, people you know or have known in the past, in order to understand which aspects you might need to practice working on.

Successful people have a sense of gratitude

Unsuccessful people have a sense of entitlement

Successful people embrace change

Unsuccessful people fear change

Successful people compliment

Unsuccessful people criticise

Successful people accept responsibility for their failures

Unsuccessful people blame others for their failures

Successful people set goals and intentions

Unsuccessful people don’t set goals

Successful people discuss ideas

Unsuccessful people discuss people

Successful people set aside quiet time every day

Unsuccessful people believe they have no time to set aside quiet time every day. Yet have time to watch TV every day

Successful people forgive others

Unsuccessful people hold grudges

Successful people continue to learn

Unsuccessful people think they know it all

Remember, true success is a continuous daily process of learning, understanding and growth. We are all working progresses and with the right mindset and right people around us, there will be no stopping us  🙂 

Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot Camp