Do this and say goodbye to yoyo dieting for good…


Hi beauties! This article is for busy people who are sick of yoyo-ing. That is, people whom may have lost weight or dropped dress sizes in the past but because of old habits slowly creeping back, they have ended up back where they started. And feeling pretty frustrated!

Is it possible to actually keep hold of your results, without relying on a plan? Why do so many of us yoyo between (what we believe) being either “on it” or “fallen off it”?! I hope this article helps make sense of things, if the above pattern sounds a tad familiar 🙂

I own a little timeless calendar, a dear friend gave to me for my birthday. I love reading it’s daily wisdom message as part of my morning routine. It certainly helps start each day positively, particularly an especially busy day of personal training my lovely clients!

The other day’s message was:Southampton personal trainer gen preece Boot camp

“Never think, “I will do it sometime. Instead, do worthwhile things immediately”.

The first example that came to mind was taking control of one’s health and fitness!

My last blog post explored how to get started. In the words of real people I have had the pleasure of working with as their personal trainer or at Boot camp. Today let’s look at why so many people who want to get themselves fitter and leaner, perhaps know what they need to do yet…don’t.

The Number 1 reason for failure

In a word, the answer is procrastination.

We all do it. Some of us have been practising it for years, and have actually got pretty good at it.

It’s so easy to procrastinate, which is why once you’ve decided to take control of your health and fitness, the hardest part is getting started. But once you have made that decision to start, you’ll see every day there’s always a choice.

Little changes one day at a time, such as tweaking your food choices and increasing your overall activity. Regular consistent practice means these behaviours will then, over time become habits. These habits will eventually become YOUR WAY OF LIFE.

Not a diet. Not a crash course. Nothing temporary that’s unrealistic to maintain. Just a new way of living, which cultivates a healthier happier lifestyle.

Your body will then be a result of all these choices, so best make them positive ones that serve you. Your body will thank you.

It’s always a joy to meet new people throughout the year, who have all decided to take charge of their health and fitness. For example, our Boot camp attendees, many whom have been with us for years, are aware how important consistency is.

Many confessed to us they used to use excuses like ‘being rained on’ as reasons to skip classes they’d signed up to in the past! This is why my team and I consider ourselves lucky to provide classes outdoors but under cover. So if it does rain, that excuse is nipped in the bud!

Southampton personal trainer gen preece Boot camp

Was getting started a worthwhile thing? Well…their results speak for themselves!

Every individual is different and every story unique. Yet they all share one thing: making that decision to start. Not some time, but NOW! You can’t fail if you never give up. Contact me to book your FREE consultation today  🙂 

Gen x