The best gluten free bread recipe, perfect for sandwiches

Hi beauties!

I’m so excited to bring you this easy recipe for artisan rustic bread that’s 100% gluten and grain free and also paleo-friendly! This recipe has proved very popular with my personal training clients (many of whom struggled to find bread alternatives when altering their diets) and was also a huge hit at a previous Nourish at Home nutrition workshop.

This recipe differs to my original grain-free bread recipe in that it’s texture resembles that of regular sandwich bread (springy and bouncy!) I often like to have one loaf of each in the freezer, my original grain-free bread used for our weekend brunches and this bread to for either sandwiches, toast with avocado or an accompaniment to soup. It’s high protein content also means it’ll fill you up, something regular shop-bought bread tends not to do!

I also love it because you can make it into whichever shape you like; whether you want it to look like a traditional loaf sliced thinly or more of a fancy artisan (I don’t actually know what that word means….) shape; for which you would use a circular baking tin (as per the photo).

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and as always, please let me know what shapes and toppings you like best!

Gen x

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