This fast fat-burning flu-fighting winter warmer is so easy, you just chuck everything in the pot and forget about it!

By now you’re probably aware that I’m a huge fan of fast easy meals that require very little effort ☺️ My personal training clients and Boot camp attendees are always on the hunt for simple fast meals that are flexible for both lunches and dinners.

It’s so important at this time of year to fill up on easily-digestible foods, when there are so many cold and flu viruses to fight off (nationwide that is, not just in Southampton!) The body could really do without expending the extra energy required to break down animal protein, and I have personally found eating more plant-based dishes has massively boosted my immune system (so far so good!)

Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp

This one-pot-wonder lentil based dish is not only all of the above, but the enzyme-rich vegetables it contains (particularly the vitamin A rich carrots and vitamin C rich broccoli) also act as pretty effective flu-fighters!

And lets not forget the superstars that are the lentils – did you know that not only are they extremely rich in dietary fibre, but one cup also contains an incredible 18 grams of easily digestible plant protein? (We absorb this far easier than animal protein – just sayin!!)

We often eat this with my Mushroom Pilau rice dish, as it’s so filling and warming. It keeps for about three days in the fridge, and any leftover stew can also be frozen and eaten, following an intensive Boot camp class (for a huge post-workout protein hit!) or taken into work for lunch the following day.

And if you are feeling under the weather, don’t forget my no1 cold-remedy smoothie that works as a preventer and reliever. Another great remedy for a sore throat (that I’d previously learned from a holistic health practitioner) is the mighty apple cider vinegar.

Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp

Mix two tablespoons in 6-8oz warm water and gargle a little bit at a time until all gone. As it breaks up the phlegm so effectively, you may feel a lot of phlegm loosening all at once when you have finished but afterwards you will be amazed at the relief! Repeat this throughout the day as many times as you can. And as always, let me know how you get on 🙂 

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