Nourish at Faster Personal Training Southampton

We cannot WAIT for this!

It is around this time of the year a huge majority have abandoned, forgotten or simply cannot find the motivation to maintain the healthy New Years Resolutions made at the start of the year.

So my lovely team of Personal Trainers and I thought, what better time to hold a special New Year event to help everybody get back and stay on track?

Nourish! has been created with two of the most important aspects of your health and well-being in mind: nutrition and motivation. As personal trainers, the time we spend giving our clients and boot camp attendees a great workout equates to a very small percentage of each week. So what about the rest of the time?

We are always at the end of the phone (or email, or Skype…) but a lot of the time, it is all to easy to fall into bad habits, especially if you are surrounded by negative people, work punishing hours or are simply taking on too much in terms of personal capacity.

Just because someone throws you a ball does not mean you have to catch it 😉

This is where Nourish! comes in. Everyone who attends will have the chance to learn the strategies, tips and techniques direct from our guest weight-loss experts themselves.

Nutritional Expert Amy Smith-Dodson and Psychologist Dr Sally Pears have created two outstanding and very special workshops, based on their own knowledge and experience, exclusively for Nourish! attendees.

This is a small and intimate event that will take place at Faster Personal Training Southampton, for twenty people only. You will leave with a tonne of ideas for healthy, quick and cheap meals and snacks, and also learn to look BEYOND our individual thoughts and behaviour: we all know what we need to be doing so what exactly is it that stops so many of us succeeding?

To find out, grab one of our last remaining tickets by getting in touch today!