How to increase your energy, productivity and FREE TIME next week (tried, tested and IT WORKS!)

Most people I meet these days ‘firefight’ their way through the day, certainly most of the ladies that contact me about personal training or joining Boot camp, who are struggling to juggle work, kids, home and family life.

There may be a bit of structure there, eg the daily routine of rushing to get the kids out the door on time for the school run. But other than that, they have a huge to do list of things noted down that they promise themselves to get through.


…they let themselves become distracted by Facebook/Instagram feeds, emails, Whatsapps…then fast-forward to the end of the week and the that ‘To Do List’ looks pretty much the same, or is even longer. And they insist they have no time to plan meals or exercise.

Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp


There’s actually a pretty simple solution. Although, what’s interesting is that most people don’t want to solve it. They love the ‘busy busy’ feeling as it makes them feel needed.

And of course they’re  addicted to the ‘notification’ culture that’s been created over the past few years.

PING – new message on messenger!

RING – someone is calling me!

Emojis everywhere. ðŸ™‚ 😉 🙁

RED notification warnings and little ‘like’ hearts making us feel validated.

You might as well be in the middle of the Belagio casino in Vegas, where there are no clocks, special lighting and extra oxygen pumped into the air whilst the fruit machines are pinging, dice are rolling and people are cheering – TO KEEP YOU THERE!

If you fall into this category, then you’re being controlled.

And you’re not being productive

And you’re not living each day feeling fulfilled.

And you’re not sleeping as well as you should be.

And you’re not spending quality time with your friends and family.




Action Plan:

  • Schedule 2 x per day to check emails, messages, even phone calls (if it rings, you don’t have to answer if it’s not convenient!)
  • Schedule 1 x per day (30-60 mins) of activity time where you get yourself moving (walking, dancing around, whatever you enjoy.) And put your phone in flight mode if you’re using it for music!
  • Schedule 1 x per week (30 mins) to plan your meals for the coming week.

Do the above for just one week and watch your productivity, energy and time increase significantly. I promise you it will.

And, just like my wonderful personal trainer clients and Bootcampers, I look forward to hearing how much better you’re feeling too! x

Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp