We came, we ate, we saw, we nourished, and again we ate some more…

What a wonderful morning yesterday was! I am still buzzing once again from the high of the amazing, positive vibe and wonderful energy I’ve been left with, following Nourishing at Home once again with another awesome group of people!

Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Preece Boot Camp The purpose for this Winter nutritional masterclass workshop was created to propel everyone who attended to the next level of health and wellness, regardless of wherever they were in life; from experiencing the power of nurturing delicious foods that nourish body and soul. As well as natural ways to boost the immune system and eat correctly for your body during the winter months.

Did we succeed? Here’s what a few of yesterday’s attendees had to say:

“I learnt so much already from the last workshop! The most enjoyable foods today were the tea, soup, naan bread, smoothies and fudge which I can’t wait to make! I also now know the benefits of  Spirulina and wheatgrass, and how just being organised means you can always make healthy quick meals. I look forward to developing my healthy recipe collection, listening to you Gen is just so inspiring!”Verity

“The most important thing we learned today was the alternative cold remedy. Favourite parts were definitely the soup and the wraps. Going forward, our eating habits will certainly be more organised with lots of preparing in advance!” – Lorraine & Lisa

“I loved today’s food tasting and listening to Gen! I have learned exactly how foods affect my insides and now intend to be more creative with more varied lunches for work” – Becky

“My favourite parts of today were seeing Gen make the dishes and how quick and easy they were. I now have a more detailed understanding of some of the healthy ingredients I can use in dishes and where they come from. I plan to incorporate some more ideas into a healthier eating regime”Dawn

“I found all and everything of today interesting and really enjoyed the experience! I now have a better understanding of certain ingredients and will try to incorporate some of the ideas into my meals and cooking formulas”Darren

“I learned today how the use of herbs and spices can make such a difference. I already eat quite well but will definitely be making the flatbread and the chocolate ginger cake! I loved all of today, it was great to get together with a fab hostess (and helper!)”Marie

“I loved trying each of today’s recipes and have learned you don’t need pasta to make an awesome lasagna! I plan to keep developing ways to eat healthily and try new things. Looking forward to more of the same!”Phil

“Today I learned about food combos, ease of preparation, how looks don’t always equal taste – but how good certain flavours can be! I now have more ideas for lunches and going forward will think more about what goes into foods and will experiment more. Eating the foods was the best part of today!”Kelly

“The morning tea and carrot cake smoothie for a pudding will be a part of future eating habits, as well as ginger and cayenne pepper and the alternative to wraps. Favourite parts of today were the variety of foods and recipes, especially the soup – and of course eating the raw cake!”Matt & Jess 

Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Preece Boot Camp

Just reading these lovely kind words again makes me want to well up! A sincerely huge thank you so very much to everyone who attended! I cannot express how much the lovely feedback, kindness and positivity you awesome lot have given (and continue to give) means to me.

Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Preece Boot Camp

I remain truly honoured, flattered humbled and infinitely grateful for being able to do what I do every day as a personal trainer, and for getting this opportunity to share everything we covered yesterdau with such a wonderful group of people. Southampton surely ROCKS!


And an extra special thank you to my wonderful husband Damien, the other half of me, my partner in crime and assistant whom without none of this would have been possible and I infinitely love with every cell of my being! (And for helping me clean and tidy everything up so very beautifully and also for building us a stunning log fire!) ☺️

Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Preece Boot Camp

Thanks again to every single one of you for coming and for making this workshop possible. And for anyone who sadly didn’t get their tickets in time, fear not because as requested, another workshop is already being planned for Spring!   

So keep watching this space (and our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds if you’re not already following us!) and hopefully you’ll get to join us too when we nourish at home again!

With peace, love, gratitude and raw cake always,

Gen x 

Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Preece Boot Camp