The recipe book we’ve all been waiting for: and exactly what it’s done for my life, shape and health!

It’s funny how reading a single article can change your life. When I first read a blog post of Aimie’s story a few years ago, of how she got to where she is today (happy, healthy, fabulous…) following a host of debilitating and life-limiting health problems, I became so intrigued and inspired I HAD to learn more! A firm friendship was formed and when I’m in her company, I cannot get enough of her energy and sparkle which continues to inspire me today. And all from a single article!!!

So when this wonderful women eventually (and FINALLY) decided to write a recipe book, I was so thrilled as I knew it would be so much more than that. And after almost a year in the making, it’s now available for everyone to learn exactly how Aimie transformed her life from an unhealthy and miserable existence, to become the happy, healthy beacon of radiance she is today.

I’m not going to regurgitate all the info that is included in there, as firstly there is WAY too much for a single blog post that will hold your attention enough to read all the way until the end. Assuming you are still with me…? But rather highlight the key things that I think will be the most useful to you. And another thing, Aimie has absolutely no clue that I am writing this review (and has no point ever asked me to!) so this is entirely my own making, for the purpose that you will get as inspired as I am  😀

The recipes

All raw (some dishes are semi raw, such as those that contain quinoa), 100% gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan. You’re probably aware by now that since incorporating more alkaline plant-based foods into my diet, it has improved the way I look and feel so much so, that I know I’ll never look back! A few examples are: better sleep, healthier skin and hair, more lean muscle and less body fat, more energy and no more lethargy. Shall I go on? Believe me I could, but I’d rather you tried it and saw for yourself!

A few of my favourites are the Green Thai Quinoa, Aimie’s Fave Green Juice and the (now infamous) raw cacao truffles (my no1 sweet treat of choice).

Anything negative? Not that I can think of – and not just coz she’s my friend! The only thing I’d say to be mindful of is, as always, the amount of fruit you consume. As Aimie is vegan, vegetables and fruits make up the majority of her diet. If you are not vegan, this is something you have to bear in mind: if you overdo the fruit, then you may compromise the calorie deficit you are trying to create within your diet. I made this mistake previously and experienced a very unwelcome tightness of my clothes!

If your diet is also currently high in sugar and processed food; as mine once was, chances are you may also have very high levels of candida. Fruit will only exacerbate this, so please be mindful and if you are not sure, you can always make an appointment with a holistic nutritionist or clinical kinesiologist who will be able to diagnose this.

The bonus health tips, advice, info and testimonials

Expect plenty of easy to digest (pun possibly intended…) snippets of info that Aimie has learned over the years, from both personal experience, independent research and study. Useful tips on eating out, healthy wedding food and where to shop for the special ingredients you won’t find in Tesco make this so much more than a recipe book!

The acid/alkaline process of what happens to certain foods once inside your body was one of the things that changed my diet and life, and there are also plenty of easy to incorporate strategies for a healthier, happier and calmer lifestyle.

Aimie is a big fan of mindful meditation and Yoga, something that I have started to include in my day to day living and the benefits are absolutely incredible. If, like me, you’re not the world’s most flexible person, you’ll be amazed at the power deep diaphragmatic breathing has on your wellbeing, posture, mood, mindset (the list is endless…)

As Aimie has helped so many people so far improve their lives, there could easily be a whole other book filled with just these! But expect a few very useful case studies from very satisfied friends, family members and personal training clients.

The fact that it looks so damn good! 

You can sense the love, care, attention and passion that has gone into every page. It is a visual feast with beautiful colourful photos that never fail to make me hungry for the delights on each page!

Written in Aimie’s bubbly and happy tone (and also in plain English which always helps…) you could probably absorb the whole thing in one sitting. I challenge anyone not to be inspired to rush out and buy a blender and a ton of beautiful fruit and veg and get juicing, as if this doesn’t inspire you then I’m not sure what will!

Final thoughts

I am SO pleased Aimie has written this book! I really hope that you will learn and be inspired by it as much as I am and continue to be each day. Every week, I try another one of the recipes and am then encouraged to experiment with even more new flavours and combinations, all of which are 100% delicious!

As personal trainers and coaches, here’s what many of us (myself included) do alongside training our clients: we write articles (and in some cases books) in the hope that others all over the world (that we can’t always access geographically) will learn and be inspired from them.

Trouble is, as there is so much information accessible to all us at the touch of a button twenty-four hours a day, it’s almost impossible to distinguish the sense from the fads.

Many conversations I have with new personal training clients and boot camp attendees often start with them saying “I read that…” or “Yeah but they say that…” in reference to something they read on the internet.

Just because “research has found that…” does not necessarily mean it that it is a) truthful b) helpful and c) will work for you personally. PLEASE bear this in mind while reading anything (not including the Daily Mail, I don’t recommend anybody read that…) and remember your personal trainer is there to educate you, by answering the questions you have. After all, that’s what you’re paying for, right?!

To order your digital copy of Nourish with Aimie, click here or for a hard copy, email today. Enjoy and happy nourishing!