Make the most of Southampton's sunshine while keeping cool from the inside

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If you're loving Southampton's weather as much as I am, you probably want to make the most of it before we're blessed with some showers! I'm fortunate enough to be able to take my work outside, so much of my conversations this week with my personal trainer clients have been about summer foods that keep us cool and nourished.

Did you know each food has either a cooling or heating affect on the body? This explains why so many of us experience uncomfortable symptoms during the summer months, like excessive sweating, irritability and feeling dehydrated.

Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp

Juices and smoothies are actually best drunk at room temperature, rather than ice cold. This is because drinking beverages that are too cold can actually upset our digestion, leaving us bloated and even raising our body temperature- the opposite of what we need in the hotter months!

If you experience the above when temperatures soar, perhaps it's time to look at your diet. There are so many cooling foods to choose from, so here are my top four that feature the most in my diet throughout the hotter months, that my personal training clients and Bootcampers have also been enjoying.

Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Preece Boot Camp

Romaine lettuce
My favourite salad staple! With its super high water content, this beauty also nourishes the liver while tonifying the blood, helping to purge toxins from the system. I also include a ton of it whenever I'm making a fresh juice that always leaves me feeling cool and refreshed.

Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Preece Boot Camp

Low calorie and high water (about 95%) I love nothing more than watermelon in the sunshine! Melon is best enjoyed on its own as it is the fastest digesting fruit, so I always keep it separate from other fruits and my smoothies. It's also incredibly nourishing for your skin, keeping it glowing and supple - something we all benefit from when spending more time in the sun.

Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Preece

Coconut water
Nature's energy/workout recovery drink! I first discovered coconut water while working in Saudi, and am so glad I did! It has naturally cooling properties on the body and contains more potassium than bananas.

Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Preece Boot Camp

Consisting mainly of water, cucumbers are especially hydrating, cooling and beautifying from their high electrolyte content and levels of vitamin k, which helps us absorb calcium. They are also rich in magnesium and have anti inflammatory properties. If your eyes ever feel puffy and sore, placing cucumber slices over them has a lovely cooling and soothing effect!

Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp

Remember: regardless of what you eat, drinking enough water (aim to never feel thirsty) is the number one most important thing you can do for your health this summer. Make sure you never leave the house, or embark on any journey whether in your car or especially on a train without a decent size bottle of it. Happy healthy summer!

Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Preece Boot Camp

Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Preece Boot camp

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