A huge test of willpower or 2 weeks of overindulgence? A holiday doesn’t have to be either, here’s how you can have your best ever!

In my experience as a personal trainer,there are two types of people that contact me: those ready to make lifestyle changes and those that are not.

The latter instead use multiple excuses to justify their behaviour, rather than take personal responsibility.

No there’s nothing “wrong” with these people, they’re just not ready to make changes yet!

The choices one makes on holiday are big indicators. Holidays are to be enjoyed, not make us neurotic about all the “bad” foods available.

Inevitably, this often ends up in daily binges of stodgy foods/alcohol, justified by telling oneself “yeah but I’m on holiday! I’ll deal with it when I get home”.

And then there being lots to “deal with” once home and back into the daily reality of life.

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Of course there’s a pretty straightforward means of ensuring an amazing holiday, without feeling restricted or overindulging.

So as promised, following my incredible holiday to Mauritius, here’s my guide to keeping healthy and enjoying your holiday, without sabotaging the progress and results you’ve achieved so far.

Before you leave…

Chances are you chose your hotel based on positive reviews, so have an idea of what to expect. Anything you’re not sure of regarding food, just email your hotel.

If you’ve used a booking agent, they can contact them regarding dietary requirements in advance of your arrival.

You can also (within reason) take things with you that travel. For example, I took a carton of unsweetened almond milk in case the hotel didn’t have any.

See what’s around…

There’s often a supermarket near most resorts, should you need anything.

The gluten free bread that our first hotel in Mauritius had wasn’t great, so I picked some up from a local supermarket that happened to have a huge gluten free section! Most hotel rooms also have fridges.

Speak with staff…

Unbeknownst to me, the head chef of our second hotel had arranged to meet me on our arrival to confirm my requirements and make sure I was happy with everything! There was so much choice, I felt absolutely spoilt and very much taken care of.

Plan your indulgences (eg, a dessert here or a glass of wine there) so everything balances rather than accumulates in a mass of unhealthy choices, resulting in a lot of work upon your return home.

And remember, as long as you’re polite and give appropriate notice, staff are more than happy to help!

Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp