Don’t want to stop eating out but DO want to start seeing results? Here’s how my personal trainer clients and I learned to do both…

I believe one of the most common misconceptions about making healthy changes is that ‘life’ or what we perceive as ‘fun’ as we know, it will have to stop. And a big part of life, for a lot of people (including me) is eating out.

The photos here were all taken from a stunning meal at Brighton’s Terre a Terre, that my beautiful cousin Shula treated us to – which I guess literally illustrates my enjoyment of eating out even further! That and their food being so wonderfully tasting (and photogenic!) so we do hope to return soon…

Anyway, I’ll clear up the above misconception in one sentence: yes you can still eat out, yes you can still go out, yes you can keep living your life – yes you can do whatever the hell you want, as long as it serves you!

Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp

When many of my personal trainer clients first contacted me, I often heard “I do eat out a lot”. Meaning…they weren’t even aware they were making excuses before we’d even started!

This is because, for so many people now, eating out has sadly become one big gluttonous binge, that leaves them feeling bloated and guilty (and therefore making up for it on Monday…)

Going crazy with indulgent food and/or drink can also cancel out a whole week’s worth of ‘healthy’ choices. We know how easy it is to underestimate how much we’re eating, so is it any wonder so many people aren’t seeing any results?!

Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Preece Boot Camp

As a customer, remember you are entitled to order starters as mains, ask if dishes can be adjusted and swap their side dishes for alternatives. The whole world probably knows by now that I don’t eat gluten, so I often check menus out online before we visit new places to eat, and if it’s not obvious what can I can’t be adjusted then I give them a call to check.

When ordering, consider how your choices can be balanced in terms of what else you’re eating in that meal, or have eaten that day. How did it make you feel afterwards, the last time you ordered it?!

And if one drink is never enough, ask yourself why. Is it because everyone else is drinking? Or might there be another reason? There’s always the designated driver option…

Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Preece Boot Camp

Many of our Boot camp attendees reported that as soon as they started to make healthier menu choices, they began noticing just how poorly some of their friends ate – and then worried this would prevent them spending time together!

Life’ doesn’t have to stop just because you want to live a healthier lifestyle, that serves you better. The reality is that whatever you’re doing is your life! And having a social life and friends you enjoy spending time with, who’s company you look forward to and value is part of a happy fulfilled existence.

Southampton Personal Trainer Gen Preece Boot camp

Our fabulous bootcampers!

Our perception determines our reality, how we view everything and whether our attitude is positive or negative. Eating out can and should be a joyous experience; we just need to make sure whatever is served up also serves us! So enjoy your next meal and if it’s at Terre a Terre, I might just see you there 😉 

Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp