HINT: it involves why the majority of people keep yoyoing instead of achieving permanent results…

People are funny. I’m genuinely fascinated by those that say one thing and then do something else.

Here’s an example from last week.

My husband and I went to an amazing restaurant. We love eating out, and for me it takes a bit of organisation in order to check what I will and won’t be able to eat and learn what adjustments can be made on the menu.

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If this sounds like a massive faff to you, it’s actually meant that we now only visit decent places with exceptional service! Applying this organisation trick has also trickled into other areas of my life that used to stress me out, so I’m actually pretty grateful for this.

So anyway, we’re waiting for our table, along with another party of a few ladies we got chatting to.

One is saying how she’s put on 5kg following her holiday to Turkey, so she’s going to “be good” tonight. Apparently, these ladies eat out together a lot and always have 3-4 bottles of prosecco on the weekend as their ‘reward’.

So I said it’s funny how alcohol can make all the difference, as so many of the dishes on the menu were perfectly healthy.

She smiled and agreed. In fact she decided there and then that she’d stop drinking when she eats out, in order to appreciate the food more. About 10 minutes later, we’re sat at tables next to each other and the waiter asks if we’d like some water for the table. Still, please – I said.

He then goes over to their table, the reply from all of them was “2 bottles of prosecco please!”.


That lasted TEN MINUTES!

“Yeah but it’s been a tough week coming back after holiday…” I didn’t dare look over, not mention what I did for a living…

The point of this story?

This behaviour is more common than you think. I see so many people that say one thing – “I want to…

“…feel better”

“…fit into my clothes again”

“…be fitter”

“…have more energy and sleep better”

Followed by not prioritising their heath or learning how to

Old habits, scrolling through Facebook, trying diets that worked for their friends, downloading every free weight loss e-book… Being scared to actually take ownership and responsibility for their choices.

I could go on.

If someone stated to me they wanted to make big changes and followed it up with the same old habits, I’d literally say “WTF?!”

To which they’d likely reply, “Yeah but it’s so hard, I deserve a reward…”

Just like that lady.

As I said…people are funny! x

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