Did that get your attention? Good, because as a person and personal trainer I believe we’ve become obsessed with all the wrong things.

The best fat-burning workouts, the best fat-burning foods, the best way to live the happiest life possible so you can post photos for everyone else to see exactly how happy your happy life is.

Do any of the above work? Chances are, you’re still not seeing results despite what everyone’s telling you to do. Or maybe you got some initial results, but these soon went away leaving you back to where you started or feeling worse. This is often what prompted many of my personal trainer clients and Boot camp attendees to first contact me.

Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp

What if I told you there was a painfully simple trick EVERYBODY could start doing today, that could transform the way you eat, feel and live your life? Well I’m about to. And right now, it’s working wonders for every personal training client and Bootcamper that’s doing it!

I’ve previously written about how our phones might be making us fat (and how Chesney Hawks once ruined my lunch – click here to find out how) and this trick is part of that. And what is that part? Chewing, I mean really chewing your flippin’ food. 

If you’re thinking “yeah but I already do chew,” well that’s exactly what I used to think. Until I started doing it properly.

I’d be starving so would eat SO fast, inhaling rather than chewing my food and be sat there afterwards with a bloated uncomfortable stomach; regardless of whatever I’d eaten, wondering why.

Not only was I NOT chewing my food, I was overeating – while under-nourishing!

Not chewing my food meant all the wonderful gorgeous nutrients that I never shut up about were not actually getting assimilated into my system. Do you know how much undigested food particles contribute to inflammation? And how many diseases can be PREVENTED from reducing inflammation? Well…lets just say A LOT!

Keep in mind the 3 S’s: See, Smell and Savour your food. Wait until it’s pretty much liquid before you swallow, take smaller bites and put your knife and fork down while chewing.

More importantly, put your phone DOWN (even if you too get an alert to say Chesney Hawkes is following you on Twitter – seriously, click here!) turn the TV/computer screen/ipad off, leave your book or kindle to read until just before bedtime, and when you’re eating JUST EAT. Don’t do anything else.

Since committing to this, I’m now eating about a third less. I feel fuller sooner and that’s when I stop. I don’t make sure I finish my plate because that might be more food than my body needs at that time. The nutrients are now getting assimilated which makes me feel energised and happy. And the leftovers can be part of tomorrow’s lunch!Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp

This is also a pretty sweet way of creating a calorie deficit without actually changing a thing about your diet or creating a nutrient deficit! Do it for a week and see for yourself how much better you look and feel. Enjoy and Happy Nourishing! Gen x

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I chewed all this…