If you think it’s time for a Spring Detox, please read this first to find which one’s the best for you!

I’m not against detoxes. Just the word and what it represents.

Some ‘detoxes’ can actually be quite positive, providing the person embarking on the detox has a profound understanding of what the body is and is not capable of, and that their Personal trainer has explained this to them.

Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp

The problem is so many people are willing to cut out food groups, follow a personal trainer or coaches’ detox protocol and put themselves down daily in an attempt to motivate themselves and supposedly make them feel better… without even eliminating the behaviours that are making them feel awful to start with!

Ask them to only drink liquids for 6 days?

‘No worries! Can do 100 if you like?!’

But ask them to get 8 hours sleep, set aside quiet time for meditation, stroll outside in the fresh air instead of scrolling through Instagram and eat REAL FOOD instead of supplements/powders/shakes?

‘UM SORRY WHAT?! I don’t sleep, I CAN’T not go on Instagram as my friends will wonder where I am…but I’ll drink these powders for as long as you tell me to!’

But BEFORE you attempt to eat only one food group for the next fourteen days, drink a lot of magic teas and expensive juices… consider this first:

If you surrounded yourself with people that cared about you, drank two litres of water a day, did some form of exercise that YOU enjoy (not what everyone else enjoys) daily, slept more, wrote in a journal instead of on Facebook, replaced your Instagram feed strolls for OUTSIDE walks and ate food that nourished you in accordance to your goals… Would you be happier?⠀

Would you feel healthier? ⠀

Would you actually NEED to spend £200 on a bunch of supplements? Or could that money perhaps go to learning a more SUSTAINABLE approach?

Yes wheatgrass/turmeric are great superfoods, but no amount of shots are going to make you feel healthy or happier if you don’t change the behaviours and get out of the environment that’s causing you to be unhappy in the first place.

You know the detox you should be doing?

The Instagram/Facebook Feed scrolling detox.

The 10 cups of tea per day detox.

The Draining Friend detox.

The Pointless Supplements detox.

The Unsupportive partner detox.

THIS is the philosophy behind my approach to my personal training clients and Boot camp attendees, which is how we achieve permanent results. And when your body is functioning optimally and thriving, is there really any need for a detox?!

Southampton personal trainer Gen Preece Boot camp